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Unable to Destroy VDI (base copy)



I have a backup script that failed and created a bunch of ghost VDI's that are not attached to any VDB/VM.

# xe vdi-list uuid=32bd4792-32f3-4dc7-a35f-ea1250d5b719
uuid ( RO)                : 32bd4792-32f3-4dc7-a35f-ea1250d5b719
          name-label ( RW): base copy
    name-description ( RW):
             sr-uuid ( RO): a148e5a4-74b5-6b26-77f8-1b5c70c2065d
        virtual-size ( RO): 104857600
            sharable ( RO): false
           read-only ( RO): false

When trying to destroy a this or any of the orphaned VDI the system returns the following response:

# xe vdi-destroy uuid=32bd4792-32f3-4dc7-a35f-ea1250d5b719 --force
This operation cannot be performed because the system does not manage this VDI
vdi: 32bd4792-32f3-4dc7-a35f-ea1250d5b719 (base copy)

I have checked they are not attached to any VBD/VM - they are not.


If I run the xe vdi-forget they just come back the next time the storage scan runs.


Any suggestions?


(XenServer 7.4)

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These can't and should not be deleted as they are the read-only parents of delta VDIs that will have been created by your backup software taking snapshots of the VMs. Asuming nothing else untoward they will be cleaned up and merged with the leaf VDIs at some point after the snapshots are deleted, if the snapshots are still present they will not be removed until such time as the snapshots are removed and the background housekeeping tasks have an opportunity to merge the data in the parent and child VDIs.

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