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Correct way to move a Windows 10 Pro VM to another Xenserver so the VM doesn't require re activation

Chris ampyuml


Have bought a new server which will run Xenserver 8.2 and need to move a windows 10 pro VM from a different server running 8.2.

I would like to preserve the digital license which is activated. The last time this VM was moved it had to be re activated.


What do I need to check to un sure the move doesn't trigger re activation. I dont recall seeing any option like in VMWare to select "I moved" the VM to preserve the GUID



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Thanks for the reply Alan,


No its not a VL unfortunately. This was one of those We need this done quick, need it done last week situations when the VM was created.

A temporary solution which is still in place ?


Once the new physical server is in place I guess the server could be migrated, though I have never migrated previously.


So If I have to export/import. even though it has an active digital license  the VM would need to be re licensed.


kind regards

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