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VM failed to power on on Citrix hypervisor



Citrix Hypervisor : 8.2 CU1

VM : Windows Server 2019 Standard


While powering on this VM getting "An emulator required to run this VM failed to start".

I've other workload VMs with same configuration working fine and no issues while powering on/off.


Any help would be appreciated, i need to bring that VM up.


Thanks in Advance


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1 hour ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

Sounds like it may have an unsupported virtualization scheme on it; what VM virtualization options changed a while back. Unless this is a VM that worked before,

which is probably a separate issue, perhaps a corruption of the VM itself?

Hello Tobias, No change as far as i can confirm. It's pool with 2 hosts and VM in question was running on local storage (Of course all other VMs as well).


When i migrate VM to other host (Let's say Host02) , i can able to power on VM without any issue.

On the host (Host01) where it was giving me error, if i remove GPU setting i can able to power on VM without any issue.


Can you help me where i can check and confirm virtualization scheme currently being configured ?

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NTP Synched

Hotfix on same level (CH82ECU1 (version 1.0) )NVIDIA-vGPU-CitrixHypervisor-470.82 (version 470.82)

No limitations on CPU & Memory

Both the servers are identical in HW

Yes, 2 hosts pool not officially supported but it's going to expand as and when users workload increases.

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