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XenServer 8.2 TCP Offloading

Klaus Winnerlein




in XenServer 7.1 and former releases we always set TCP offlaoding on pif's and vif's.


For example for every vif we set

        xe vif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-gso="off"
        xe vif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-ufo="off"
        xe vif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-tso="off"
        xe vif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-sg="off"
        xe vif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-tx="off"
        xe vif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-rx="off"

And for every pif we set

       xe pif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-gso="off"
        xe pif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-ufo="off"
        xe pif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-tso="off"
        xe pif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-sg="off"
        xe pif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-tx="off"
        xe pif-param-set uuid=$uuid other-config:ethtool-rx="off"

With this settings we had an observably performance effect on the VMs.

Now my question:

Is it still recommended for XenServer 8.2 to set TCP offloading on vif's and pif's ?


Thanks for any help,


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