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Dedicated MCS desktops update - Intune

John Francis1709163149


Is there going to be anything coming out int he future to update dedicated MCS desktops in Citrix/Azure? We are using Citrix/Azure for publishing dedicated MCS desktops. We want to make sure that we can update it. I understand that you can use SCCM to push software's. But, can we use Intune, since we plan to move out of SCCM. 


or is Citrix is planning to bring out a new feature that we could update the MCS dedicated/persistent desktop? 


Appreciate your earliest answer on this.


Thank you

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1 hour ago, James Kindon said:

depends what you mean by update here - are you looking at just updating the VDA etc?


You can enroll persistent VDI into intune and manage them that way now, there are some additional enhancements coming in this space so stay tuned





Thanks for your response. 


I am talking about updating patches, applications, VDA etc.. like how we do in PVS. We know that here we cannot do the updates to the existing desktops and only the newly created desktops gets updated. Again when we say "newly created VDI desktops get updated", are we talking about only VDAs, patches etc? What does the Update button on the Quick Deploy image do? Does it update the VDA and patches of the OS or what does it do actually?


Before we deploy the persistent desktop through Quick Deploy when we build the master image, you are able to access it through RDP and you can install or update and then package it for deployment. Why is that, after you create the final image, that the RDP option is not available? Is it because it is a persistent desktop? If we create a non-persistent desktop do you still see the RDP option to access the desktop update the image? I am talking under the Masterimage option. The first time when we build the image, we get to access it through RDP and after we finalize it, we are not able to access it through RDP, why is that?






  I see that there is no way I could go ahead and launch the main image through RDP once I use a Quick Deploy to deploy the image.


So, are there any changes coming where you can update the images similar to PVS under this option for dedicated/persistent desktop? We are trying to avoid using PVS and provide dedicated desktops and techs can update it through Intune. Is it possible that if we add these devices in Intune it can be updated with the new software's or you can push new software to these dedicated desktops?


 Thank you all in advance



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