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Is there a way to turn off Citrix Workspace for iPad auto saving of .trc files and why does Workspace app on iPad storage settings show it using >60GB for documents?

Mike Stein


Dear Forum,


I recently checked my 11 inch, 3rd Generation iPad Pro remaining storage and was surprised to see that Citrix Workspace app was listed as taking up the highest amount of memory of my device! The iPad storage settings showed that the Citrix Workspace app had been apparently saving debugging files (with extension .trc) on my iPad for at least the last 6 months and some of these .trc files were for some reason > 1GB in size. I deleted all of them but one so I could show the forum users (attached). I don’t understand why such files would be so large and wondered if anyone knew if there is a way to stop the Citrix Workspace app from auto saving those files on the iPad?


In addition, even after I deleted all but one of the .trc files, the iPad storage settings indicated that the Citrix app still was using >60 GB (not a typo) of space for its documents despite my not saving any documents in the Citrix file folder of my iPad (that is why I use Citrix virtually— so that I don’t store anything on my iPad). Perhaps it is a bug in the iPad storage settings function, but if not, I’d like to know why the Citrix app is storing >60 GB of data on my iPad, and if I can stop it from doing that (screen shot attached).


Thanks for you help. 


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It is unusual for Citrix Workspace to take that much storage space. I have Workspace App on an iPad as well and only have a minimal amount of storage used by the app. Definitely not as much as you have reported.


If you haven't already, I would check the log settings and make sure they are reset to defaults. We have an article that shows where the log settings reside: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX136380/citrix-workspace-app-for-ios-how-to-enable-and-collect-advanced-logs. The screens look a little dated, but the general content is still relevant. 


If that doesn't work, I would check if deleting and re-installing Workspace App makes the same behavior come back. Is this something that is happening to other folks using your Citrix environment?

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