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desktop brokering issues

Brian Fenics1709163209


Hi Citrix community,


I need some clarifications with connecting to a work desktop (VDI) via Workspace client.

I have a dual WAN setup at home using a Mikrotik router. The load balancing over the 2 WANs is done using the PCC method, so once a connection is established source and destination communicates via the same WAN, and proof for that are the https websites working and more so, banking sites.

However the VDI I'm trying to launch will not broker unless I connect the device running the citrix client to a single WAN gateway.

I'm trying to understand where it breaks as it defeats to object to have 2 WANs if I can't load balance them, more so, once the Desktop has been brokered, connection can be restored through the dual WAN gateway and works fine until a re-connection is required.

Please let me know if you need certain logs or maybe more specific details regarding the configuration/setup.


Thanks in advance,


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