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Cant connect to gateway due to anitvirus

Duncan Gibbons


Hi all,


I recently installed Avast free version and am now getting the error in the attached screenshot when trying to connect to my university network. Avast say there is real time protection and I should contact Citrix for help, unfortunately I cant create a ticket due to not having a valid login or something?


Please help, thanks!

Screenshot 2022-01-23 165834.png

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Does your gateway have any EPA or OPSWAT scan in the classic preauthentication policies or EPA based-expressions in the authentication/nfactor policies.


This is likely an epa scan error on the ADC and may not be properly defining the avast/real time detection.

You should see an event id in the gateway syslog with that matching identifier.


Once you know what epa or opswat scan is in use you should be able to adjust to see what the inspection is missing.

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(let me convert Rhonda's reply to slighly less-technical English!)


It seems that your University have set up an "endpoint scan" for your PC: what this means is that, when you try to connect, they run a little bit of software on your PC, to check various "security things".... The problem is that, being a computer, it has to match EXACTLY.... so if they are looking for say "Avast Premium Security", but you have "Avast! Free" or "Avast! Internet Security" instead,  it's not going to match, and you'll get an error. 


Ok, I can see that it's saying specifically that there's a problem with the "anti-spyware" you are using, but it's the same principle.


You need to talk to the University IT support team, hopefully they will be able to help you

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