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Maximum EPA scan MAC address

Tuan Vu Anh


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The preauth policy is classic engine only and cannot use either.

You would have to use an advanced engine policy either an advanced EPA scan with nfactor authentication or a responder policy to use either callouts or data sets. I can give an example later today (after work). 


Which version of adc are you on and which license level?  And to confirm this is for gateway/vpn vservers.

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So to use either datasets OR callouts you need to be able to use either advanced engine epa policies. Which would require your gateway to intergrate with a authentication vserver. Which can be done on a limited basis in standard edition.


Your going to have to go to aaa eventually to get off classic authentication policies soon, anyway.  I can mock something up later today if no one else gives you an example sooner, but preauth policies as is are classic only. EPA policies that are advanced engine based require integration of the gateway with aaa.

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