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On-Prem Active Directory Citrix Group Policy with Citrix Cloud CVAD Workspace Services Delivery Group Filter

Darryl Sakach


We are managing Citrix Group Policy via On-Prem Active Directory Group Policy. We have the Citrix Group Policy admin templates installed and all is working as expected. I am trying to add my first Citrix policy filtered on Delivery Group. I can select an on-prem Delivery Controller and a list of Delivery Groups is returned in the filter pull down list. If I select the Cloud Connector I get a pop up error "Failed to connect to back-end server...on port 80 using WSHttp".




How do I filter on a Cloud Delivery Group using On-Prem Active Directory Citrix Group Policy?

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21 hours ago, Manjunatha K said:

Hello Darryl,


Ensure you are using latest version of Citrix group policy management console on active directory to connect cloud environment.

You can download the new group policy templates here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220345

Thank you, that helped. I have found that the Citrix Remote PowerShell SDK must also be installed. This got me past the Delivery Group Filter.


The new roadblock is that the CVAD Group Policy Extension does not appear to include the Profile Management settings. I imported a Profile Management policy from my on-prem AD Group Policy implementation. It has a UPM setting in it, but in the Cloud AD Group Policy Extension implementation the setting does not exist.


This is the setting in on-prem AD GP Extension that I have been using for years:


This is the imported policy in the Cloud AD GP Extension. There is no Profile Management Category, just a UserProfileManagerHDX category that is empty. What am I missing? I have tried the CU2 and CU4 versions of the extension.



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