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failed to switch to csh / tcsh as default shell while login Linux VDA with gnome desktop

Roger Wu




I've searched related posts as below and it's been said this bug should be fixed.



Unfortunately, it's been almost two years passed and the bug still exist. 

Would anyone give me some advices?  It would be appreciated.


Linux VDA version:

OS version: CentOS 7.9

sssd version: 1.16.5019

samba version: 4.10.16-15





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I traced this virable and found the value was changed as following process:

  1. SHELL was set as the default value first (configured in /etc/samba/smb.conf for domain users via winbind)
  2. Consumed the file  ~/.bash_profile
  3. ~/.bash_profile consumed  ~/.bashrc
  4.  ~/.bashrc consumed /etc/bashrc, and /etc/bashrc set the SHELL as bash by default.

So here are two suggestions:

  • For changing all users' default shell, set the SHELL in /etc/bashrc
  • For changing some specific user's default shell, set the SHELL after consuming ~/.bashrc  in ~/.bash_profile
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