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Citrix Workspace causing low gaming performance on PCs.



Hi I was hoping to bring this attention to citrix as best as I could. 


A couple people on reddit and myself were experiencing poor gaming performance in certain games.  I noticed an update that I installed on Saturday that seemed to be causing this issue as once i uninstalled citrix the issue went away. 


If this could be looked into that, I would greatly appreciate it as i can no longer us my Main desktop for work anymore. 




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I went through this as well.   I learned from a forum of the issue and uninstalling Citrix Desktop fixed it.  Of course I spent December going over everything except the Dec Citrix update.   What I can add is I reinstalled Citrix after verifying the uninstall fixed my games and everything works fine.  Of course I didn't do this empirically because I didn't try killing all the Citrix processes and going at this in increments (more like scorched earth).   My suggestion is uninstalling Citrix and doing a clean install to see if this resolves the issues for others because this worked for me.  As usual YMMV yet as an old Unix software developer, I would like to know what it was about CITRIX that was impacting my frame rates and latency issues.  Going from 50 FPS to 1.4 is something one cannot easily dismiss.



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I just lost 3 hours because of the same problem. The uninstaller doesn’t work it stucks on initialising. I tried to download the removal tool but I needed an account… I never received the confirmation email but somehow I managed to login. The removal toil doesn’t work neither. I’m on a fresh windows installation with the last updates.  I spent the last hour removing manually files and registry keys. I’m thinking of reinstalling Windows. Never seen such a crap software in my whole life

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I have this issue as well.  The issue is caused by the the latest update,  I was keeping up to date with each update, so am sure this is the one where the problem appears.


The performance issue is in 3D graphics processing.  I notice that with the above workspace version installed, you get 2-4 frames per second on 3d rendering.  I tested this across a number of games, and it was consistently terrible.  2D rendering seems to be fine.  I also note that the GPU utilization of the video card is sitting very low, 1-2% when running the games.    Possibly the citirix virtual video card is interfering with the use of the real video card.  Note I have a 2070 Super.


To work around the issue I have rolled back to a previous version of Citrix Workspace - the latest LTS version I could find, 19.12.5000.3(1912).

Hoping they fix this asap, as the older workspace version seems to be a bit less stable than the newer versions.

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Half of my games started to have huge fps problems 2 months ago. After trying reinstalling windows, deleting grahics drivers, reinstalling games and trying all possible settings, I found that the problem was Citrix. After deleting Citrix my PC worked perfectly healthy again. Games going from 5 fps and 0% gpu (AMD rx 570)  utility back to normal. 

Very annoying problem that I thought had to do that my pc switched to integrated graphics when launching a game.


Edit: I reinstalled citrix and now I do not have this problem anymore. I did not accept the extra security now, this prevents any overlay programs to follow what citrix does. 


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update on my problem, now solved
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