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Citrix VM Tools 9.2.1 kills network

Martijn Kools



Citrix VM Tools 9.2.1 is crashing my VDAs. At random VDAs suddenly drop their network connection and lose connectivity with PVS and crash. It happens on different hypervisors (XenServer 8.2) but not on all machines at the same time so it's no hardware issue.


Reverting back to 9.1.5 resolves the problem. I wonder if Citrix is aware of the issue and if it will be fixed.



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I installed Citrix VM Tools (latest as of this post) just the other day and had my Win10 and Win2019 VDAs blue screen on boot.


Had to safe mode and remove latest updates (Windows I assume) to get the Win10 to come back online. Once back in I uninstalled Citrix VM tools, I rebooted, reinstalled Citrix VM tools, rebooted, did windows update again, reboot, and somehow it's back online. No network drops yet. My Win2019 is still down.


Not sure if this is related, but this was my experience.

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About half the vms  upgraded to 9.2.1 bluescreened on 2nd reboot.


I just use a PE boot cd(hirens), load the registry hives and delete all xen related driver stuff except for the XEN* keys, then I remove all xen related drivers from c:\windows\system32 


Reboot, then go run the 9.2.1 msi again and select repair. Maybe Citrix has a better way but this worked for me on about 15 servers.

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On 11/23/2021 at 1:07 PM, Stephen Borrill said:

I'll add a 'me too'. VMs randomly drop off the network (in our case things like DCs, print servers, etc.) after upgrading to 9.2.1. I've got a cron job running that does a vif-unplug, followed by a vif-plug if the VM fails to respond to pings.

What's the solution here. We still discover the same issues with 9.2.2.

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