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Office 365 SharedComputerLicensing not working for Office published Apps

Chris Benali1709159201




I'm experiencing issues where the registry key for SharedComputerLicensing has been set to 1 and for some users inc myself signing into to Office works fine and the tokens are downloaded to the profile but for other users it is not working.


When they attempt to sign in they are presented with an error message "Sorry, we having some temporary server issues" when this is closed they are asked to sign in again.


Closing the sign in box causes the office app to remain unlicensed and therefore cannot be used.


I'm struggling to understand why some users are effected and some are not, all GPOs and profile settings are the same, proxy settings are the same and internet connectivity is fine.


Has anyone else experienced this issue and managed to resolve it?



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On 10/12/2021 at 11:36 AM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

What operating system version is on your VDA?


Try https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX267071


Hi Carl, thanks for the post. I dont seem to be getting email notification hence the delayed response.


The OS is 2012R2 so I'm not sure if the information in the link you provided applies? It specifically references 2019.


I have since identified a workaround where if I publish IE and it is launched from the same server and then within Internet Settings IE is reset the Office App will sign in successfully and the problem appears resolved. Unfortunately the problem comes back after some time, not necessarily when the user next logs in it appears to be when Office attempts to check for activation again. The same fix allows the user to Activate again but obviously I cant be resetting a users IE every time they want to use Office so I need to identify why IE needs resetting to allow the Activation window to appear and let the user sign in.


TLDR - Potentially a proxy server issue (Forcepoint Websense)

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