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HTML 5 Receiver not waiting for Desktop app to start and be in registered state

Franccedilois Brun


Hello, I have a simple scenario/question:

  • Using the full windows citrix workspace app to connect to a desktop via storefront => once I click on the Desktop icon in storefront, I see the desktop getting started, and once the desktop is properly registered, the session begins and I'm connected.
  • Using the HTML5 receiver => once I click on the Desktop icon in storefront, I intermediately receive the error msg: Error Message: Cannot Start Desktop "[DesktopName]". I can see the desktop been started. If I wait a bit, for the desktop to be registered, I can click again and the HTML5 receiver will open and connect to the desktop.


Do we have a limitation in the HTML5 receiver? Like it cannot 'wait' for the Desktop app to be 'ready'


Thank you.

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