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Windows Server 2019 Start Menu - BROKEN

Greg Kern1709162740


Hi All:

We are building a Hosted Shared Desktop environment, with VDA version 2106 on an Azure-based Windows Server 2019 Datacenter image... We are also using Citrix UPM Containers for managing Profiles...


Our ISSUE is that the Start Menu on the published Desktop BREAKS after about the 3rd or 4th Login...

See the Screen Shot for what it looks like...


We have experimented with a customized LayoutModification.xml and that has the same result (good for the first couple Logins then it too breaks)...

We have also tried the Exclusions that others have recommended (in the Containers "Folders to Exclude" section) -- AppData\Local\Packages, AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Caches, and !ctx_localappdata!\TileDataLayer ...

We have also ENABLED "Disable automatic configuration"...


None of these Steps have helped.


Has anyone dealt with this same Scenario and come up with a solid Fix for it?

START Menu breaks after several Logins.png

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For those who may also have this issue:

We followed the Steps for "Windows Server" in this article:


     -- https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/profile-management/current-release/profile-management-best-practices.html#start-menu-roaming
    -- Scrolled down to the Section that begins with, "FOR WINDOWS SERVER"...
    -- Even tho we're using CONTAINERS, we went ahead and made the suggested Changes in the "File System" section...  We were under the impression that CONTAINERS kind of made

               that "File System" section obsolete, but apparently not...


The Settings in that article seem to be working even WITH Containers... Once we made those Changes to UPM, repeated Logins (well past the 7 and 8 times mark) showed that the Start Menu continued to work just fine...


Hopefully this might help someone else.



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