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MAM registration suddenley requires enrollment PIN (additional to Password) in SecureHub

Tobias Schneuer


Hey all,


we are currently facing a strange issue (in my opinion after upgrading to


When enrolling a DEP iOS Device in the past, to finish installation the user had only to enter the windows password. 


Now we have to enter windows password AND an enrollment pin to finish enrollment. 


Under enrollement invitations the invitation URL ist still pending. 


I don't find any configuration in server / client property on xenmobile server (but maybe i'm just too blind to see :-) )


Does anyone else facing the same issue or has some hint for me?





2021-10-04 09_11_57-Window.png

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Hi Arnaud, 


the default setting is "two factor". All the options are disabled. For tests i enabled "invitation url" too and enrolled a device again, but with the same results (asking for a PIN). 


These settings i didn't touch for years , but maybe the settings were took back to default after update?


The "two factor" was first used from us before we use DEP only, but for fallback we have still enabled the option. As i remember it didn't change anything there making DEP working.







enrollment mode.png

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