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HA pair - Can't enable Interfaces monitored for health status

Veli-Matti Kentta

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Just configured two new appliances (NSVPX 13.1-4.43 on ESXi 6.7) and created HA pair without any errors.

When checking the interfaces, HA MONITOR section is empty:



I noticed that I can't enable HA monitor to interface. There's no option to do that in GUI:



I also tried to enable it from CLI, but no luck:



As you can see, there are currently no interfaces which have HA MON ON:



For testing purposes, I did this same installation on Citrix Hypervisor and got everything showing up just right, out of the box.


Is this normal behavior when dealing with ESXi or what could be the root cause to this? Could I be missing something?

Everything seems to work just fine so far. Nodes look OK also in GUI:


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