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XenServer "xe" command doesn't exist.

Vincent Dice


From Xenserver CLI I can execute no xe commands.  I get "command not found".  I had no problems previously when I set up the server but during an update, XEN filled up one of my partitions and wounded all kinds of stuff.  I deleted the space hogs but despite this, I constantly get SR Failed when trying to scan, detach or do anything.  It was after this I noticed xe is not available.  I found a symlink that points to /opt/xensource/bin/xe but only /opt/xensource/ exists and no deeper.  I definitely did not delete this folder as I only deleted an ISO installer from a mount under the root (/vm/iso/DVDimage.iso).  I feel a reboot would do the trick but with all the issues I'm having after the space-hog, I'm reluctant to attempt it as the server is in production and 2 hours away from me.  I'm worried it won't come back up.  Any thing I can try?

New.  When attempting to start a VM I also get SR failed to complete operation.  It's broke as crap.

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I would strongly suggest re-installing the OS from scratch. Clearly, something got corrupted. Maybe in/var/log there is an indication of some major error.

You didn't mention which version of XS you are running, but newer (strarting with 7.X) versions allow for a much better partition layout that could better prevent bad things from happening if, say, the log partition fills up (as opposed to the logs going under the root partition).



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Thanks, Tobias.

I'm inclined to agree with your suggestion.  I rebooted it, reluctantly, and now all kinda things are broke.  Can reach the xsconsole via CLI but getting

 xapi-nbd[10251]: main:   "Failed to log in via xapi's Unix domain socket in 300.000000 seconds") errors now.  No response when trying to connect XenServer.  Verion 8.2 BTW.

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