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Citrix Workspace App (2108) asks for authentication on domainjoined W10-desktop, where does it come from?



Hello community,


i have a rather strange behavior that i can´t circumvent, here is the details:




W10 domainjoined Surfacebook shows this message after AD-credentials on a Citrix Cloud CVAD are entered:


The "problem" only arises on this particular machine, the deployment of the workspace app is via gpo-script and is not different from the other machines, which work flawless. So, does anybody has a clue where this authentication mechanism is coming from? It happens with any logged on user and with any domainaccount (on the citrix cloud side). This is the only Surface hardware we have, the other machine with installed workspace app are more or less the same Thinkpad or HP-Notebooks.


Any suggestion would be nice since i´m completely clueless right now.


Thank you for reading.

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