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After enabling HTML5 if Workspace App is not installed RHEL users stuck with HTML5 other randomly get HTML5 but CAN switch back.



Trying to find a temp work around for the MacOS 11.6 issue with Workspace I enabled HTML5 if the Workspace App is not detected. This seemed to work great in testing. Once rolled out to all users all the issues started.

1. Windows/MacOS users seem to randomly get the HTML5 version when they sign in the morning and start using. This caused confusion as I didn't expect to have to show everyone how to switch between versions as it SAYS it just works with the "native" Workspace App if installed and all of these where previously working correctly so why is it forcing some to HTML5? All users seem to be able to manually switch back by doing the detect receiver thing.

2. Seems all of my RHEL 7.9-8.4 users are stuck with HTML5 with MOST having no option to switch. "Change Citrix Receiver..." is simply missing. Others do seem to have the Change Citrix Receiver but doing the change does nothing and the HTML5 version keeps launching. 


I've tried all the normal voodoo on the RHEL users.. uninstall ICA reinstall ICA, beta ICA, old ICA.. nothing.. At least 1 prior working user does not even have the ICA association in FireFox.. so I have no idea how was working prior but I'm 100% sure he was.



Why.. why does nothing Citrix ever work as advertised? Why does support always, always, insist they've never heard of my issue before and I'm the only admin in the world having "this/any" issue I bring up? 

Citrix is literally supposed to remove the complication of running some of these apps on separate OS's and make it seamless. Why do I spend so much time fighting with it? 


There are several other little things with HTML5 that don't work as advertised.. For example launching more than 1 apps may or may not open that app in the existing tab. Maybe it opens a new tab only with itself, maybe it opens in an existing tab.. I think it has to do with what virtual server is hosting but why isn't this explained and or why can't Citrix come up with a way to make it work all in 1 tab or only 1 tab per app? Why not be able to move apps between tabs so I can group them .. 

but that's get ahead of myself.. 


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