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On Windows 10 how to detect if user is physically logged into the machine or connected via Citrix Remote PC Access

Eddie Santana


We use Windows 10. Users are remotely connected via Citrix Remote PC Access feature to their physicals computers. We need to trigger a script at login only if user is physically in front of their work computer. 


It tried using the qwinsta and 'Query User' command lines  but both show up as 'console' while connect via the Citrix Remote PC Access method. 

Citrix Remote PC Access is not registered as an ICA/RDP session. 


Anyone know of a method I can use to detect if user is physically logging in which can be used to trigger a script?

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I had a look and the VDA bundles a fairly extensive set of WMI objects. If you look under Citrix/hdx namespace this query seems to return what you might need:

  • Select * from Citrix_Sessions

Or maybe under Citrix/EUEM:


  • Select * from Citrix_Euem_ClientConnect
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