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Remote PC / Citrix HDX Web Camera not working for all users

Eddie Santana


We use Citrix Cloud / Remote PC Access to connect remote users to their physical office computers.
VDA version range between 1909-2106.
The users started reporting this issue about 1 or 2 weeks ago. 
Seems to mainly happen with Zoom since that is what is mainly used. I opened up a case with Zoom support but it been escalated on their side but this might be a Citrix issue. 
Zoom/Camera works fine from user's home computer but not from Citrix. 
Users mainly has USB Cameras. These are not being detected in Citrix.

The Laptop built-in camera are being detected but still does not work in Zoom.


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I did try the VDI Version of Zoom in the Office computer and the Plug-in installed on the home computer. Still not detecting it.  Reading the Zoom documentation on it, they continue to mention "Server desktops"


Google Meet works of Office PCs when Citrix'd in, but Zoom doesn't even display a detected camera when looking in the preferences>Video



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I know this is old, but did you ever find a fix for this?

I am seeing same issue with 2203 and 2206.  Only it is worse.

In 2106, if Citrix HDX Web Camera is selected on a console of the Remote PC (still not sure why it is even showing up inside console session), it would prompt user that device is non-working and switch to another.

In 2203, 2206 (I think 2112 and up), it freezes client that is trying to access Citrix HDX Web Camera (WebEx, Zoom and alike).

Have a case open with Citrix for some time now.  No solution yet.

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