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XenServer - capture network trace



XenServer - how to capture network trace to use with another utility to read.

I´m not familiar med XenSever commands or Linux.

I refer to this citrix article


"Run the following command from the command line interface to capture an unfiltered network trace on the required VIF and write it to a file:
tcpdump -i vif<dom-id>.<device> -w /<path to file>
Following is a sample of the preceding command:
tcpdump -i vif16.0 -w /xenviftrace


I´m wondering about this:

<device> -w /<path to file>


Just want to write to a destination where I then can import the file into some utility to read the captured network trace.

I really appreciate some example of device name and a real example of path to file.txt or something.

(not just <device> and <path to file>)







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In this case - XenServer 6.2

https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX120869#Capturing a Network Trace of a XenServer VM VIF

From root in XenServer:
xe vm-list name-label=server-01 params=dom-id
Output: "dom-id (RO) :8"
xe vm-list name-label=server-01  params=dom-id

xe vif-list vm-name-label=server-01 params=device
Output: Device: (RO) :0

Even tested:

tcpdump -i vif8.0 -s 0 -w /var/Reboot/xenviftrace

(Should I create the a file within Xenviftrace before I run the command, what format??)


I received the following error i XenServer conole:




The current server has an ip address and i can ping it from another server

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