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Virtual Driver Error on campus Thin clients

Luis De La Rosa


Good morning all! so i am having an issue on some thin clients in our campuses.  we are receiving a virtual driver error when students try and open a desktop we publish through WDM.  below are the steps they take and what it does.

1. they sign in to the thin client

2. they get passes this with no issue.  they choose the virtual desktop.

3. it opens then immediately signs them off then gives them a "virtual Driver Error" message then signs them off

4. they sign back in then choose the desktop again and it lets them use it no problem.  but this occurs every time they try to use it.  they get kicked out then have to sign back in so the desktop could work.


we are pushing the desktop using PVS.  which is all up to date.  our WMD is on 5.7.2.  Thin clients are receiving OS version 8.6 511.  We have 5010's and 3040's in our campuses and we see the issue only with the older 5010's.  we cant upgrade the OS version because at the moment we are now able to run WMS we have to run WMD.  


Please let me know if you need any more info


Video Driver Error.jpg

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