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Unable to disable Clustering - Citrix Hypervisor

Keiran Shelden


Hi All, 


I am fairly new to Citrix Hypervisor but have a fairly extensive vSphere background. 

This is the second cluster I have built from scratch after ditching and wiping all hosts to start again, and I have ran into the same issue as previously.   In this case, I need to change the bond in which one of my external networks is connected to and the limitation I have is that Clustering is enabled.  I have not added any GFS2 shared storage to any hosts as part of the problem is connecting iSCSI requires the change in networks.  I am unable to disable Clustering and continue to receive the error " An Operation was attempted while clustering was disabled on the Cluster_host"  and after placing everything in Maintenance mode, rebooting and restarting the ToolStacks, attempting to remove hosts from the pool, I continue to recieve the error message.  


Unfortunately there appears to be very little on the internet regarding any similar issue or even the error message. 


The end goal right now is to be able to change the network the Clustering is attached to as well as change the bond that that network is attached.   I have 4 NICs which are in 2 bonds and the incorrect one is currently selected,. 


Rebuilding again is kinda worst case as I have already done that once. 


Thank you. 

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Thanks Tobias.  I managed to get Support to sort this out.  He ended up destroying the cluster as it appeared to not have created itself properly. Then he had further issues with the bond that took about an hour to resolve.   We are using GFS2, hence the clustering.


Thanks for the reply. 

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