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Multiplied printer instances on every user logon/re-connect

Dawid Bbn


Hi all,

I've noticed a weird issues with mapped printers.

Every time a use logs in or re-connect to the VDA, the printer objects gets "multiplied" as on the below screenshot:




The only way to get rid of the multiple instances of the same printer is to restart Print Spooler service or reboot the VDA.

This is does not hapen in the internal/on-prem Citrix farm I have, just on VDAs managed from Citrix Cloud.

Is it normal? Why this happen and is it possible to stop it?

Thank you,



Citrix Virtual Apps service (pubished , shared Windows desktop)

Printers are not redirected from clients just mapped in sessions from print servers using Citrix Policy (Printer Assignment).
I use "HP LaserJet A4/Letter PCL6 Class Driver" (V4/in-box) print driver on print server and VDAs.
Server 2019 VDA & Server 2012 as a print server.
VDAs v2012

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