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Multiple Azure AD for citrix cloud?

Jeff Riechers


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On 9/6/2022 at 10:35 PM, Benjamin Toelle said:

The only way is adaptive authentication?  is this a premium feature? Why isn't it simply possible to use multiple identity providers via a domain ownership approval or separate subdomains? Citrix Cloud doesn't feel like cloud.


You have to use Adaptive Auth as IdP - or use your own ADC on Prem / Azure / CSP hosted as IdP, where you are able to configure multiple SAML policies in nFactor. Adaptive Authentication is nothing else than two hosted ADCs (with restricted advanced licenses) on Azure. As there are some misunderstandings with this feature, I've written a post. If you're interested in, checkout https://www.julianjakob.com/citrix-daas-adaptive-authentication/ 

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