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How to Load Balance Storefront servers with Netscaler Gateway VSERVER

Jitendra Kumar



Good Day to All!

I am new to Netscaler. I have 2 Netscalers configured in HA. I have 2 strofront servers SF1 ( and SF2 ( I have added SF2 with SF1 Server group and propagated the changes. The base URL is https://storefront.testlab.test. I created a DNS A record for bases URL Storefront.testlab.test to point actual SF1 and SF2 IPs and to use as an DNS load balance and Internally I access storefront.testlab.test to access citrix. This helps if SF1 down then I can still be able to access storefront.testlab.test as its pointing to SF2 IP too.


Now I am trying to configure the Netscaler Gateway with URL https://netscaler.testlab.test  and during the Storefront configuration I put https://storefront.testlab.test for storefton URL and retrieve the store information which is getting successful and completed the configuration of  Netscaler Gateway.   After configuring the Netscaler Gateway successfully I am able to browse the https://netscaler.testlab.test and able to access the citrix resources. But I did notice that when I power off SF2 I can reach the netscaler URL can login on it but after login it did not redirect further to SF. I was expecting that the Base URL should be able to load balance the URL to point to other SF like its working internally. It seems that the Netscaler Gateway has only 1 SF information.


I wanted to to know how can I load balance Netscaler Gateway vserver with both storefront servers so that if SF1 is down then while logging on the Netscaler external link it can redirect to SF2. I did tried to search the articles on google and did found to load balance the Storefront but after creating the Monitors, service groups and servers etc...all are telling to create a vserver then under traffic management and bind with vserver created under traffic management but there is no such option to bind them with Netscaler Gateway vserver.


I am sorry for this long kind of story , I am new to Netscaler and I am struggling since 2 weeks to achieve this but unable to do so. Please could anyone help me to short out this.

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