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Comando para desanexar uma unidade lógica

Nicolas Closs


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Ele resulta isso:

[root@xenserver3 ~]# xe vdi-export uuid=f95d1b16-f16a-4309-85db-b6925b22a8ce
Required parameter not found: filename
For usage run: 'xe help'



Eu quero apenas DESANEXAR o disco da VM.

Assim como faço pelo XenCenter através do botão DETACH na aba Storage na VM.

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Oh, sorry, you need to supply a path and file name where the export will be written:


xe vdi-export uuid=f95d1b16-f16a-4309-85db-b6925b22a8ce filename=/mnt/myremotestorageserver/myVDI.vdi


assuming you have a remote server's storage mounted under the /mnt partition on the XenServer host.


You could, as Alan says, unplug any disk(s) you do not want exported, export with the "xe vm-export ..." command, and re-attach the other disk(s) afterwards,

but note that this may disrupt running your VM, depending on which disk you detach (such as the operating system VDI !!!).



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Agora resultou isso:


[root@xenserver3 ~]# xe vbd-unplug uuid=e0c8accb-a9a6-85bc-69cc-300dfbfb1ac8
You attempted an operation on a VM that was not in an appropriate power state at the time; for example, you attempted to start a VM that was already running.  The parameters returned are the VM's handle, and the expected and actual VM state at the time of the call.
vm: b69ba0d6-650e-3b77-82de-09b1bccb6f29 (TESTE)
expected: running
actual: halted


Gente, eu apenas gostaria via linha de comando fazer o mesmo processo que é feito através da imagem de exemplo:



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If it thinks it's still running, you'll need to forece its power state to be off before you can shut it down and do an unplug.

Try running:


xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid=(UUID-of-VM)


to see if that helps. Then try shutting down the VM, if you need to, before trying the unplug operation.



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