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Some user settings are being lost on Full Layer when restarted



We have noticed that on a Full Layer Image with persistent machines  some of the Windows 10 settings are being reset upon restart and are not stored within the User Layer.


For example

1. DPI

2. Let use a different input method for each app window


I have found a workaround for DPI via configure it with powershell and registry values.

But the same does not apply for the language per app option.


Is anyone else experiencing such issue?

Any suggestions that I might have missed?

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You can only change settings in the user layer that are user and not system related if they need to be set on boot.  I imagine this might be true for the DPI option can you explain more about per app language settings.  Most language settings require changing both the system setting and a user setting.  I have been able to change those before using elastic layers so they shoudl work as part of the user layer but i did need to do the same change you would do for the entire system.

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The settings I am refering are User Oriented and saved under Current User Registry

More precisely all settings are stored under HKCU:\Control Panel\Desktop



There is language per app option within Windows 10.

Allowing a user to keep different language per window when tabbing.

Registry value is UserPreferencesMask under "HKCU:\Control Panel\Desktop"




For DPI the values LogPixels & Win8DpiScaling are again under "HKCU:\Control Panel\Desktop"



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On 6/11/2021 at 7:26 PM, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

The engineers expect that to work if tis under HKCU

I tested on my Citrix Desktop and was able to set these settings which is think is what you were doing.  I wasn't sure where the dpi settings was to test.  Are your users admins on the desktop ?  Maybe that is required?


Sorry for not replying earlier.

Users are not Admins of course but nevertheless, I am Admin and the same occurs to my environment.

You can select the option but after a restart the setting is being reset.


Regarding the DPI its under the Display settings. It resets after a machine restart.



And i noticed that every Windows Parameter is being reset after a restart. 

Even visual effects in Advanced Settings. I might have done something wrong in my infrastructure or does it occur to anyone else too?

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