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Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Adding Custom Banner to logon page

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Looking for more information then is in the :



This gives the general location, but I am looking for actual steps to add a banner to the GUI page of the ADC device.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  


For further clarification, here are steps that I want to have in place:

1.  Go to the Management IP of the ADC (NetScaler) Device.  

2.  Have the banner/EULA Prompt (that I will make, standard corp lingo about authorized users etc etc)

3.  Click Accept and then I get the GUI Login for the device.  

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Another question from me, sorry for the bombardment.

I'm very familiar with webdev and css, so I was following some blog posts describing how to edit the StoreFront login page. The changes are not showing on the browser.

My thought is that this is caused because we are using NetScaler, so perhaps I'm not actually seeing the StoreFront login, but I'm seeing the NetScaler login instead. Is this correct? Am I headed down the right path?




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Partial answer until I can get you the rest of your customizations info...


For internal users, they will hit storefront and see the storefront login page and customizations first.


For connections through Gateway, you will hit gateway (vpn) logon page first and not storefront.

After login, gateway will either send users directly to the storefront and then the storefront look-and-feel or customizations will be displayed; OR if you are using the Gateway RFWebUI (or other advanced modes), then the Gateway portal theme will determine the look-and-feel as the gateway will display the resources from storefront and other vpn bookmarks.

What you see will depend on how your gateway is configured.


You can tell where you are at, based on the path.

For example, if your gateway fqdn is gateway.demo.com:

You are still on the gateway if you see paths like:




https://gateway.demo.com/../logonpoint/...   (if using nfactor)



You are on storefront when you see your "store path":


And anything that isn't your storefront path is still "on gateway".


If you are using the gateway for classic authentication, then you can do simple changes in the portal themes or custom instances of the portal themes.

If you are using the gateway with advanced authentication policies and nfactor configurations, then some of the look and feel is in the portal theme and the rest of the authentication behavior is in the loginschemas.



So, to better help you with the customizations you need, please clarify all of the following:

1) What version netscaler firmware are you on (different mechanics/options on different versions).

2) Are you using the Gateway in ICA Proxy mode to storefront (after authentication) or are you using the rfwebui or otherwise combining ICA shortcuts with gateway managed bookmarks on the gateway?

3) Are you doing a simple single factor or two factor authentication or other nfactor config to know what changes go where.

4) What storefront changes were you trying to do to the login page? (just to understand how much is gateway-based vs. storefront based.



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