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PXE, No Entry Found in Database

Claudia Reuteler


Hello together


I used provisioning version 1912 LTSR and for this I use server 2016 with HyperV and SCVMM, there is only one network. then with a lot of practice I was able to create a SCVMM template, the template is generation 2 with SCSI ports. I was able to successfully make an image and also boot the first time to the network card.
The template or the VM created from it could not boot to the vdisk, PXE the boot order is network first.


The error is: Error: "No Entry Found in Database".


Also adding a new network card to the VM the boot also does not work. In the database the vdisk is present. The DHCP settings are correct.


I can't find the error.


Does anyone have any idea?


Best regards and thank you

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In HyperV in a test vm there is no network card. In the original vDisk-vm is one in it. In the template in the SCVMM is also a network card configured. the test-vm I have created via the scvmm-template, adds no network card in the hyperv.


The original os-vm has the same MAC address as in PVS. This is new. What is going on.

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Hello Kasper


I also use the Citrix Virtual Desktops Wizard in PVS. the requirement is a template.
I made the template over in SCVMM over the original vm where I created the vdisk. From the VM I then made the template also here I had problems to create PC's via CVD, gave errors.
A manual new template I also created with blank disk, Gen 2, Secure boot disabled, Bootorder Nic first (Powershell). started the CVD and the PC was not created. The wizard wanted to run a sysprep and did not find the boot system, so I attached an OS in the template and started again, sysprep was done. I wondered why it was running a sysprep and why it couldn't use a blank disk.
I do not understand why it should not work.
One time this works and then it doesn't suddenly what didn't work before works again, very strange.


Do I need to update something? Am i using the wrong SCVMM version?


What am I doing wrong?



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