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Citrix 1912 site and minimum vda version



   We plan to update our site from 7.15 to 1912 LTSR, most of our vdas are up to date 19.xxx but there are some linux vda running on 7.14.400, what i was wondering is what is the minimum vda version required to be able to register with a 1912 controller ? not talking about features, just registration and be able to open a session on it.


Thanks for your help




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We recently migrated some test VDA's to the Citrix Cloud. Not exactly sure what version they are on but i believe they are always greenfield. so the latest. We immediately saw issues with registration on Linux VDA's with 18.08 and lower while any LVDA with 19.09 or newer worked fine. This happens with any policy change, studio pushes down the policy and the older LVDA's can't read it, thus sending the LVDA in a registration loop, registering OK, then fails on policy check, then tries to re-register, repeating this every min or so.


The fix was to update the Xorg on the older VDA's to work with the newer 19.12LTSR e.g. installing Xorg 1.20.4 on our Cent7.4 which originally was running 1.19.5 + 19.12LTSRcu2 is working in Citrix cloud with the latest. This is also supposedly officially supported by Citrix. (Supported meaning they will support the required components like Xorg + VDA regardless of OS version) 


RH6.8 (lVDA 7.15LTSR) , Cent.74 (18.08) no longer registers with Cloud connector. 


2020-12-07 16:29:45.741 [INFO ] [11535] - The Citrix Desktop Service successfully obtained the following list of 2 delivery controller(s) with which to register: 'xsj-***.com (), xsj-com ()'.

2020-12-07 16:29:47.262 [ERROR] [21] - VdaState.AssignVdaStateInfo: Failure. Error: Could not find [PolicySetting] on: VdaParametersAccessors.DefinedFeatures

2020-12-07 16:29:47.269 [ERROR] [21] - MxPolicyManager.WriteSinglePolicy: Failed to uncompress policy information. Error: 'Expected this cabinet CFFOLDER to have a compression type of 1, but found it to be 4611.'

2020-12-07 16:29:47.270 [ERROR] [21] - ConfigurationManagerService.Set: Exception: MxPolicyManager.ProcessMultipleMxPolicies: Error while saving policy settings - Location=/var/xdl/vda Exception=Expected this cabinet CFFOLDER to have a compression type of 1, but found it to be 4611.

2020-12-07 16:29:47.433 [INFO ] [11535] - The Citrix Desktop Service successfully registered with delivery controller xsj.com (IP Address 1).

The endpoint address of the controller is http://xsjcom:80/Citrix/CdsController/IRegistrar.

2020-12-07 16:29:52.507 [ERROR] [11537] - AgentHeartBeatCBPv1_5.SendHeartbeatCbpV15Thread: Heartbeat to http://xsj-.com:80/Citrix/CdsController/IRegistrar rejected

2020-12-07 16:29:52.507 [WARN ] [11537] - The Citrix Desktop Service's connection to the Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller Service was terminated. The Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller Service is running on server 'xsj.com'.

Check that there is no active firewall blocking the controller communicating with this machine.

Please refer to Citrix Knowledge Base article CTX117248 for further information.

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