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Citrix Workspace application specific language installation


An important feature I would like to see is the ability to easily determine what language Citrix Workspace application was installed with.  The only way I can find to do this is to right click on the Citrix Workspace app icon and select "Help" to see if the help comes up in English or a different language.


I have had SEVERAL printer issues that were caused by Citrix Workspace being installed with Chinese characters using the enterprise SCCM installed version of workspace app.


For example, if I were to print to the same printer but a different tray (network printer setup on the print server twice but different tray settings), it would only print to the default tray setup on the remote printer.  Reinstalling with the non-enterprise version (downloading from the citrix.com site) resolves the issue and informing the client to update their Citrix Workspace enterprise package.  Knowing what language Citrix workspace is installed with would be a great feature to have.

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