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Secure Web network acces: what were previous settings?

Yvonne Bernau


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Hi Yvonne, thanks for reaching out to us, 


Added “Use Previous Settings” option for the upgrade use case as admins may not yet select the new 5 State policy values (i.e., Blocked, Unrestricted, Tunneled – Full VPN, Tunneled – Web SSO and Tunneled – Full VPN and Web SSO ) which were introduced in back 2018.


What all setting comes under “Use Previous Settings”?

These old policies are still available but hidden (You cannot be able to see on XMS) and defaults to the old policy setting if you select “Use Previous Settings”


Those old policies are

  • Network Access drop-down used to show the following old policy value options Unrestricted, Blocked, and Tunneled to the internal network (Default to Tunneled to the internal network)
  • Preferred VPN Mode drop-down used to show following old policy values Full VPN tunnel and Secure Browse (Default to Secure Browse)
  • Permit VPN Mode Switching toggle used to show (Default to false)


The following below 5 policies are newly introduced with a single drop-down i.e., Network Access, and Citrix is strongly recommended to select the below values as needed.

  • Blocked (related to old policy value Blocked)
  • Unrestricted (related to old policy value Unrestricted)
  • Tunneled – Full VPN ( related to old policy value selected from “Preferred VPN mode drop-down as Full VPN tunnel”)
  • Tunneled – Web SSO ( related to old policy value selected from “Preferred VPN mode drop-down as Secure Browse”)
  • Tunneled – Full VPN and Web SSO (related to old policy Permit VPN Mode Switching toggle)

So overall answer for your first question is, For Secure Web the default old policy settings set to “Secure Browse” VPN.


Answer for your second question is, If you change the policy now to the new value, it will affect all already installed apps as well (Just need to refresh the policies from Secure Hub)


Please let me know if you need any more details to understand.


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Hi Tarakeswara,

thanks a lot for your answer. Second question is fine! For the first question I need to know which one of the possible "old policies" has been selected before the field "Use previous settings" appeared with an update of Secure Hub MDX.


Kind regards


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