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Debian 10 with Linux VDA 2103

Jeff Riechers


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Trying to do some research around providing access to Linux Desktops from Linux server. I was told there was a Citrix option that could give access to Linux Desktops? Maybe Xenserver running on Linux? I can't find anything except running the client on Linux.

Maybe someone was misinformed and confused the client running on Linux vs Linux desktops?




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I host Linux Desktops on XenServer and VMWare in my datacenter.  And am running CentOS, Ubuntu, and Devian.  But you could host them really on any hypervisor, including cloud or on physical.


Hosting them on a supported hypervisor allows you to use MCS to create multiple read only copies of the Linux Desktop.  But if you use a physical machine, or a Linux KVM hosting a linux instance you can still allow direct connections to that resource with either Citrix On-premise or Citrix Cloud.


Also if you use nfs mount points you can mount your home share to a network location for creating persistent user "profiles" on multiple machine even if they are non-persistent.  I can provide more info on that if you would like.

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