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Non supported Linux VDA's not supported in Citrix Cloud?

David Nguyen1709155977


Wondering if anyone has migrated LInux VDA to the cloud? We have some legacy OS's e.g.RHEL 6.8 running 7.15 LTSR CU6 and Cent74 running 18.08 all of which go into a registration loop in Citrix cloud when ever there is a Citrix Cloud studio policy change or new policy is created. I believe our Citrix Cloud is on the latest version of Citrix for it's Studio and DDC's and not backwards compatible to older VDA's.


Our other Linux VDA's running Cent77/Rhel77/Ubuntu18.04 running 19.12LTSR does not have such issues. The fix is the update the policy again which somehow gets the LVDA's to register correctly.


Basically it looks like Linux VDA tries to download any new policies and errors out on the unzipping of the policy. Then the VDA restarts the registration service again, registers correctly, downloads the policy again, then fail. then repeat over and over. Reboots don't help it either. The only fix it seems is to toggle  on/off any policy or update any policy in studio to get it working again.


Citrix support says they will only give us support on new OS's running supported VDA's. That is unfortunate since we were looking to migrate to cloud. Now we may stay on prem  running 7.15LTSR and look for another display remoting technology in the long term.


Log error:


2020-12-07 16:29:45.741 [INFO ] [11535] - The Citrix Desktop Service successfully obtained the following list of 2 delivery controller(s) with which to register: 'xsj-dvapvdiclc2.***.com (172.*.*.*), xsj-dvapvdiclc1.*com (172.*.*.*I)'.

2020-12-07 16:29:47.262 [ERROR] [21] - VdaState.AssignVdaStateInfo: Failure. Error: Could not find [PolicySetting] on: VdaParametersAccessors.DefinedFeatures

2020-12-07 16:29:47.269 [ERROR] [21] - MxPolicyManager.WriteSinglePolicy: Failed to uncompress policy information. Error: 'Expected this cabinet CFFOLDER to have a compression type of 1, but found it to be 4611.'

2020-12-07 16:29:47.270 [ERROR] [21] - ConfigurationManagerService.Set: Exception: MxPolicyManager.ProcessMultipleMxPolicies: Error while saving policy settings - Location=/var/xdl/vda Exception=Expected this cabinet CFFOLDER to have a compression type of 1, but found it to be 4611.

2020-12-07 16:29:47.433 [INFO ] [11535] - The Citrix Desktop Service successfully registered with delivery controller xsj-dvapvdiclc2.*com (IP Address 172.*.*.*).

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