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Dedicated NIC for Storage

WC Jones


Hello all,


I am new to Citrix Xencenter but not virtualization. I am doing some data migration and I am moving  away from fiber channel storage to NFS storage. My question is I have bonded nics(eth 4 and 6) and Bonded VM traffic(eth 5 and 7). I would like to use the VM traffic bond/interface to mount to NFS storage. I have configured the export on the allow the Ips I set for the (eth 5 and 7) but when I do a deep dive from the command line I see Xencenter using the management interface to connect. Is there any way to manually mount to the NFS server using the intended interface?


Xenserver .... 7 ( Dont kill me I am taking over for someone trying to get it in order :) )

Dell Isilon  H400

Flat network

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So in the NFS export I used the IPs of the NFS interfaces on the xenhost to allow them to connect. I purposely left off the managment IPs because I have tested that and it works. When I run showmount -e and the ip of the nfs server it shows the export correctly. 

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Yes, you should enable the primary and secordary (if there are) IP addresses to allow the XenServer host clients to be able to connect to the NFS server with the exportfs command on the NFS server. To check what addresses are permitted to connect, run the command "showmount -e NFS-server-name" against the NFS server.



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