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The configuration server is not registerd on server XXXXX (during the configure & discover opperation in Citrix Access Management Console)

Kevin Vlasselaer


Hi Everyone,


I'm currently working on an very old Citrix infrastructure to clean some unused servers and keep only the necessary servers needed to keep their 16Bits applications running.

To finalize the migration of this old infrastructure to the new datacenter I need to replace the old "Main" Presentation server to the one in the new datacenter. 


So I already make

- The migration of the Access Database (MF20)  + configuration of DSN

- Change the "Secure Ticket Authority" to the new one (seams to stay functional without having to configure anything else on the Presentation server itself)


But when I run the "Configure & execute de discovery" (not sure about the translation) in the Citrix Access MAnagement Console, I get an error saying that the "Configration Server is not registered on the server "MyNewServer.contoso.com") or "Some of the configuration servers are not reachable)


I didn't find any information about how to make the move of this "Configuration Server role" to another Presentation server. And I didn't find in the configurations panels where this information could be edited.


Another thing that i found is that the "Citrix SSL Relay Configuration" tool have the "Connection" tab configured on the old PVS Server, but it's empty in the New one and I cannot add a new server manually in this tool. (new is grayed out)


Can it be correlated to the Configuration Server error? (no use of HTTPS in the old environnement).


Thanks you very much for your help !




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