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Android Enterprise setup on phones having issues

John Francis1709160537


We are trying to setup Android Enterprise on Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy) and Pixel phones. When we setup through Secure Hub with the following steps


1.    Launch SecureHub

2.    Enter mobile.bitco.com at the UPN, Email screen

3.    In the next screen enter your user ID and Password

4.    You will be prompted with an Enroll message. Click on Enroll. (Note: If this message does not come up then you will not be successful in enrolling your device)

5.    You will prompt you with this message “Setup a work profile” click on Agree.

6.    In the next step it will say “Creating Work Profile”


The user gets to step #6 , then it boots the user out.  And then he gets the message on phone that says, Work profile no longer available on this device.

Another user gets a message your work profile is deleted and kicks the user out from SecureHub


We have seen this on Samsung Galaxy 8 and above phones. 


What could be going wrong? We are on Citrix Cloud and our version is current with the Citrix version of Endpoint on the cloud.


Thanks in advance.

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