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XenDesktop PVS Cache Drive Troubleshooting

Som Som


I know this has been discussed in other threads (for example: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/364243-pvs-cache-filling-up-quickly-tools-to-troubleshoot/page/2/) but has anyone come up with a better way to track writes or analyse specific cases of cache drives filling up?


Procmon is my go to if the issue can be replicated... but this is often not the case. Running long Procmon sessions isn't an ideal solution, especially for end user sessions.



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When you notice the drive filled, go to event viewer and check for traces of updates etc. 

In my case, I happen to notice that an application was running auto updates and that was causing it to fill the cache drive. 

Also try stopping /disabling any tasks in the task scheduler etc. Some times those run in the background and tend to cause issues.

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