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Wanted to create VM with more than 2TB Storage

Nilesh More1709161276


Hi Team,


My Hypervisor environment is,

Xenserver Version: 8.0

Local Storage for VM storage: 10Tb (Hardware Raid)

Server: Dell R740


I need to create one Centos 8.3 VM and provide 5TB storage for Centos VM to store Videos.  But I realized that there is limitation of adding more than 2TB storage in single VM. Sorry but same question, Is there any other way to provide 5TB storage for single Centos 8 VM? please let me know safe and supported way.


Also I am thinking if 2TB is limitation then I have alternative workaround. Please let me know whether this is ok or not as performance wise. (I know there may be performance degrade)

1. Install Centos VM by allocate minimal disk storage (i.e. 100G) 100G will be only for OS data.

2. Attach 2TBx2 storage to Centos VM (i.e. /dev/xvda2 and /dev/xvda3)

3. Create software raid0 by using 2TBx2 storage which attached in step 2 (i.e. /dev/xvda2 + /dev/xvda3) and make single 4TB storage array (software raid). This will create /dev/md0 or /dev/dm0 block device with 4TB

4. Create file system on /dev/md0 and mount the same.


Will it work or I will get very read/write performance if I create software raid? Please suggest me 


Please let me know your opinion and suggest the same. I am going to host critical VM on Xenserver. So need confirmation from Xen Team.



Nilesh More

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18 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

Completely unsupported if it does work. The bigger problem is backing up and restoring large data sets like that

within XenServer. I cap my VM's at 300GB. Anything larger than that I move data out to SAN/NAS.




Thanks Alan for your quick response. There is work-around. can you check-https://medium.com/shehuawwal/how-to-create-or-add-more-than-2tb-storage-to-xen-server-xcp-ng-virtual-machine-vm-eaf8042f06c6 

I know this is not official statement but if its work for me then please suggest.

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XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor does not support software RAID. You can also consider running XCP-NG, instead, which does support software RAID and use also that workaround you referred to above. I still think GFS2 is your best bet. Doing a software RAID on the VDI level probably won't work at all. And to Alan's point, a backup/restore of huge storage devices becomes very iffy once they get closer to 1 TB or above. I can't recall if the timeout is stilla t 24 hours or in newer versions was upped to 48 hours, but at some point, and export or import will simply time out.



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Incremental backups can be a solution, it depends on the type of data you are backing up. 

That link that you showed expanding LV Storage, very interesting. I personally always tried

to never do things like that in production.  So I would say if your comfortable with Linux

and running unsupported and your backup scheme is solid go for it. 





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