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Using private MAC address during enrollment causing wireless issues

Alex Moreau


Hello, we currently allow users who are MDM compliant to access an employee network. We are finding that if users have "Private Addressing" turned on which randomizes the MAC address every 24        hours, they will not be able to successfully authenticate to our network. On iOS we were able to have the users disable this feature and begin to connect just fine. Several of our Android users continue to have an issue connecting. XenMobile reports the private MAC while Cisco ISE is looking for the actual MAC address. Is there anyway to force this field to update in XenMobile?

Any work around to this?

Thank you!

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Have you tried:

Log into XenMobile/CEM > Configure > Device Policies > Edit or create your WIFI device Policy > iOS > Use static MAC address - enable this option in the Policy and push it put.

Sadly there is no corresponding option for Android which would be nice to have. Android devices are experiencing the same issue but have to be manually changed.

This is from the Citrix Doc listed below


Use static MAC address: MAC addresses are unique identifiers a device transmits within a network. To increase privacy, iOS and iPadOS devices can use a different MAC address each time they connect to a network. If On, the device always uses the same MAC address when connecting to this network. If Off, the device uses a different MAC address every time it connects to this network. The default is Off.

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