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Citrix Director :: Saved Session Filters GUI Update Request

Jeffrey Faulstich


When using the Citrix Director and the "Saved Session Filters" it would be helpful if the Display allowed you to easily change which Saved Session Fiiter without resorting to going back to the multi-level expanding "Filters" menu each time.  Given the display shows the name of the current "Filters - {%NAME OF MY FILTER%}" it could easily be updated to display a SELECT option there where you could easily switch your Filters without resorting to the "Filters" multi-level expanding menu.


Attached is an image where it shows the simple Filter name of "05 - Remote IPs" highlighted in YELLOW and then also shows the multi-level expanded "Filters" menu where it takes multiple clicks to switch your filter to another Filter.  If the YELLOW highlighted Filter Name could be updated to be a SELECT field you could easily switch between your saved filters without wasting time clicking around.


Now, if you want to take it another step further (LEVEL UP) you could make it a SELECT-MULTIPLE where you could easily combine multiple Saved Filters.  Sometimes this may be a nice way to quickly group your previously saved filters without constantly using the "+" and "-" options.  Now, sometimes people do not find the standard SELECT-MULTIPLE very useful so perhaps a popup that allows you to scroll through previously saved Filters with checkbox inputs for each option so that mobile users can more easily select multiple would work.


Either way improving this would not take much effort from the Citrix Director Development team and would make things a easier for management.


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