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Host-Based Access Control for XAPI Daemon does not work anymore

Julian Kolb


[Citrix Hypervisor Express Version 8.2]


IP address restrictions for XenCenter connections to Citrix Hypervisor as described in CTX118504 stopped working. The reason seems to be that - according to the manpage of stunnel -  the default for the configuration option "libwrap" ("enable or disable the use of /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny.") has changed in stunnel version 5 to "no".


Any change to  /etc/stunnel/xapi.conf - which configures the stunnel wrapper to the XAPI interface - is overwritten on restart of the Xen tool stack,


What are the options to bring this apparently unnoticed change to Citrix' attention (since the Express edition does not have official Citrix support)?!

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