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Renew APN Certificate detects a possible top name mismatch

Marc Kuhn


Hi guys

we have a XenMobile Server on-Prem running. The APN Certificate is about to expire in 6 days. When i try to renew it i receive that message:




This is what i have in Certlm.msc:



I did it like it is written in the documents, but i fear that when i do that i will have to reenroll all devices. Could it be that this is a normal message or which topic name does it mean here?


Many thanks for any advice about this.


Best regards,



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Hi Marc,


The instructions at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-endpoint-management/authentication/apns.html#renew-an-apns-certificate are the specific ones to follow.


There are two requirements to meet so that you can ensure no device re-enrolment is required:


1) Must be the same Apple developer account login (on the Apple portal) as used when creating the expiring APNs cert

2) Must select the 'Renew' button on the Apple Developer portal (not any other option)


So long as these requirements are met, then your renewed certificate is safe for use on the server.


Best regards,

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