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How fast can you resume a VM?

Chase Lambert


Hi there, we configured a VM with the following configuration:



(16 GB of RAM, 10 GB NVMe)


We noticed that resuming the VM can take around a minute:




We also noticed that rebooting the VM may only take 30 seconds to come back up.


We're surprised that resuming from suspension takes longer than rebooting. Why is that? Is there a way to make suspension much faster? Less than 5 seconds?

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59 minutes ago, David Clark1709160691 said:

When you've 'Paused' a running VM, you're also saving the contents of that VM's memory in order to allow the machine to come back up in the same state as it was paused.  This results in a longer boot time. This is not the case with a fresh boot.

You also see much longer Xenmotion times with VMs that have a lot of memory for these same reasons.

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