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Error 400 when logging in to citrix.cloud.com

Henk Hofs1709158019


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When I get this error / loop...  I use the following URL to get back to a login screen I can use. If you google or bing the citrix cloud login, it's the only result that isn't the default within the top 5 results.



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18 minutes ago, Aaron Curtis1709152006 said:

still happening for me.  i tried the url, posted above, no luck.  i tried contacting citrix account support but no response yet.


I found another way that I like to use even more...


If you are using Azure Active Directory, you should use the URL created in your Identity and Access Management.  That URL always starts with:  https://citrix.cloud.com/go/YourComanySpecifiedName


That logs you in via your MS Azure Active Directory account...I'm guessing there is an equivalent for Google and Amazon as well...but I don't know...

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3 minutes ago, Oscar Day said:

Hi, there is a current error for a subset of users. Currently under investigation. As a workaround please onboard at onboarding.cloud.com first to avoid this error


I'm pretty sure that's how I set up Citrix Cloud to begin with, over a year ago... I don't want to onboard again...everything is working...other than this admin login stuff, occasionally.  I'd like to know what using that link is going to provide. Is it going to fix something that in the background? Will it affect my current configurations, catalogues, and images?


If it's not going to fix anything, I'd rather login via the azure admin link that I mentioned in my last message.

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Citrix finally fixed this (private/incognito did not work for us, neither did emergency MFA codes, or anything else we tried) by removing some sort of flag or value from the accounts in question. They wouldn't be more specific. The bottom line is that the issue was on the Citrix side, and only they could fix it. Took about a week. 

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Same problem for me and for two customers. We used the Mycitrix account to register on citrix.cloud just to be able to manage our license server.

Could Citrix give us the right procedure ? I don't thing that using the onboarding.com changes something because when I click on using mycitrix account, it redirects us to the citrix.cloud.com page....

We have to wait one business day from the Citrix Customer Services, just because they changed the way to reallocate the licenses and manage our license server.....I really don't have the time for this !!!

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