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Play Store Work tab not showing

Chris Tyson1709156276


We are testing android enterprise and all is working correctly except there is no 'Work' tab in the work profile Play Store.


Apps are authorised in via play.google.com/work and are showing as approved. 


If I set any of these apps to mandatory they are installed and work correctly but opening the work Play Store does not show them.


Anyone come across this?

XM 10.12 on prem.

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Can anyone confirm I should be seeing a "Work" tab in the work profile Play Store?


I've raised this issue with citrix support and I'm getting the impression they don't know what I'm talking about.


To re-phrase the issue - After we have approved a particular app (any random play store app)  in play.google.com/work how do the users know its approved? Where can they see a list of approved apps?

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